First food post

We’ve recently been trying to save money, so one place I’ve really been focusing on is our grocery bill. This week, I bought a whole chicken and am hoping to get a few good meals out of it.  Here’s what I started out with.


Whole chicken. Cost about $7.50. Roasted with basic mirepoix and some boxed broth from Trader Joe’s.


Meal #1. Crispy chicken breast and gravy (made from pan drippings and roux), roasted brussel sprouts with pancetta bacon and baked potato.

Today I pulled the meat from the bone and used the carcass and some scrap vegetables to make a stock.



Yielded about a gallon of stock which I plan to use for soups and sauces for the rest of the week and freeze the other half for future use.


Meal #2. Used a leftover portion of the breast along with the stock to make chicken and cheese quesadillas and chicken and lime soup.


Chicken and lime soup.

Recipe for chicken and lime soup:

(I halved the recipe.)


Meal #3: Used 1 quart of the stock and shredded chicken to make Matzoh Ball soup. Gave it to Jay and Max for lunch twice each.



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